Consulting and Training in Customs, Excise
and International Development

Containers en zone franche – Port – Importation

Consulting and Training in Customs, Excise and International Development

Commerce international : transport, logistique, douane
Customs Made offers small and medium-sized enterprises tailor-made support, training and advice on customs, excise and international development. Now more than ever before, international trade affects the vast majority of companies, even the smallest. As Brexit has shown us, for many SMEs, dealing with customs is now a day-to-day reality. So where do you start? What are the first things you need to know about customs before taking your business across European borders? How can you avoid making mistakes in the early days which might cost you dearly later on? How can you disentangle those seemingly incomprehensible customs rules?

Origin, tariff, value, customs duties, excise duties: all of these things may vaguely ring a bell but would you know where to find the relevant legislation or know how to use and apply them to your business?
Do you find yourself drawn towards the UK, Russian and Ukrainian markets but it all just seems too complicated?

Customs Made is on hand to offer explanations, to guide you, adapt to your needs and products and answer your questions whilst showing you the way forward so that customs procedures no longer stand in the way of your business dealings!

Domaines de spécialités – Spécialisations
Déchargement d’un bateau porte-containers au port

Customs and Excise


Customs and Excise materials, customs duties, customs procedures, HS codes, tariffs, rules of origin, customs valuation, transit, free trade agreements, specific licences, customs authorisations, etc.


  • General training for companies or public services Bespoke training
  • Bespoke training


Tailor-made advice

File compilation

How to put together files when applying for customs permits
Transport aérien de marchandises – Aéroport international

International Development

Specialist domains

Russia & Belarus (EAEU), Ukraine, United Kingdom

Customs advice

Tailor-made customs advice for these different markets (other markets possible upon request)


Translations from Russian and English into French of customs documents (phytosanitary certificates, licences, invoices, certifications, etc.)


Accompanying or representing your company on economic missions abroad
Transport maritime ou fluvial international
As a translator working from English and Russian and a graduate in International and European Relations I have been assisting SMEs in Wallonia with their international development for over 15 years, focusing especially on the Ukrainian market. In order to meet the needs of companies as much as possible, I opted to specialise in customs and excise consultancy. And to make sure I’m always up to date with this dense, exciting and constantly changing subject, I update my training on a regular basis.

I also make full use of my knowledge of Russian and English for companies seeking to get a foothold in markets where these languages are spoken.
Get in touch and we can decide together how Customs Made might be able to assist you!


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